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About IoT Clinical Trials

The field of Clinical Trials and Clinical R&D is perfectly positioned to harness the benefits of IoT, Wearables and Emerging Technology.

An on-going shift towards Decentralized and Hybrid Clinical Trial models that leverage IoT connected devices and digital tools has continued to accelerate, gaining further buy-in from sponsors and patients alike.

With the ability to collect vast amounts of data, and real-world evidence providing significant advantages for invaluable patient insights, that not only optimize clinical R&D, but also support increasingly patient-centric outcomes.

However, with many moving parts, leading this transition can be very complex, costly and resource intensive.

With this in mind, the IoT Clinical Trials Summit will provide you with the necessary tools to develop a roadmap for managing change, embracing clinical innovation, and developing a strategy to create DCT’s, Hybrid and Digital Trial Elements that successfully integrate IoT and Emerging Technology for optimal results

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