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  • 09 Aug 2022 - 11 Aug 2022
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  • Congonhas Airport, São Paulo, Brazil

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  • International Trade Administration
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About Latin American Business Aviation Conference Exhibition

There are three major segments that U.S. suppliers in this industry should focus on, which are the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the General Aviation, and the Repair & Maintenance markets.  A fourth niche, still small but growing rapidly, is the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) market.

OEMs – Embraer is a global company headquartered in Brazil with businesses in commercial and executive aviation, as well as in defense and security markets.  Founded in 1969, the company became a leading manufacturer of commercial jets up to 150 seats.  In July 2018, Boeing and Embraer signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a strategic partnership.  However, on April 25, 2020, Boeing announced that it has terminated its Master Transaction Agreement (MTA) with Embraer, under which the two companies sought to establish a new level of strategic partnership.

Currently, Embraer imports approximately 56% of its components from North America, mostly from the United States.  Embraer always welcomes the registration of new and qualified companies in its Supplier’s Portal www.embraersuppliers.com.  Embraer’s selection criteria take into consideration:  technical solutions; product quality; commercial and aftermarket support; supplier’s performance, expertise and financial health; and manufacturing capability.  It requires certifications such as, but not limited to, AS9100, EN9100, JISQ9100, and NBR15100.  Depending on the type of the product, additional certifications might be required.

The other major OEM is Helibras, the Brazilian subsidiary of Airbus Helicopters.  In 2019, approximately 36 helicopters were produced in its Brazilian plant, serving the military and civil markets.  Companies interested in supplying parts or technology to Helibras should send an e-mail to Information on requirements to become a supplier is also available on the company’s website

Commercial aviation share has been decreasing since 2015 and has kept a 1% reduction rate until the first six months of 2019 in comparison with the 2018 fleet.

International Trade Administration Latin American Business Aviation Conference  Exhibition