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About Oil & Gas Automation and Technology Week

Whilst the global economy continues recover, on-going challenges brought by Covid-19, combined with fluctuating oil prices, demand volatility and rising disruption from decarbonization is still forcing the Oil & Gas sector to assess and evolve their business strategies.

Whether upstream, midstream, or downstream; reducing errors, enhancing productivity, optimizing decision making, and boosting safety are of critical significance.

Many are looking at Automation, IoT, Machine Learning, AI, Digital Twins and Blockchain technology, but as they continue to adopt a broader spectrum of digital strategies, navigating the complexities associated with identifying, selecting, and accelerating digital projects is a huge challenge.

In February 2022, Oil & Gas Automation & Technology Week will feature over 400 industry leaders sharing best practice strategies and exchanging know-hows on optimizing business performance, creating new business capabilities, and strengthening the technology foundation.

AMG World Oil & Gas Automation and Technology Week