Event Details

  • 07 Dec 2021 - 09 Dec 2021
  • Registration.advmfg@informa.com
  • Jacob Javits Convention Center, USA
  • https://www.advancedmanufacturingeast.com/en/shows/plastec.html

Organized By

  • Informa Markets Usa
  • info@informamarkets.com
  • Floor 22 605 Third Avenue NY, 10158 USA
  • https://www.advancedmanufacturingeast.com/en/shows/plastec.html

About PLASTEC East 2021

About PLASTEC East 2021

Industries everywhere depend on plastic. Meet leaders at the center of it all at the region’s largest plastics and polymers trade show. Discover the latest thinking in injection molding, 3D printing, and new materials and meet professionals at the heart of design and manufacturing.

Informa Markets Usa PLASTEC East 2021