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  • 16 Mar 2023 - 16 Mar 2023
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  • https://digitransformationsummit.com/qatar/

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  • Exito influencing the influential
  • enquiry@exito-e.com
  • Shuraa Business Center 44th Floor, Desk number 4404-37 Aspin Commercial Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
  • https://digitransformationsummit.com/qatar/


Qatar fared better than many other countries during the COVID-19 epidemic because of an early crisis response that lessened the virus’s direct effects. Organizations in Qatar are among the best in the world at transforming in the current Digital Economy by utilising a digital core. Leading Qatari businesses are digitising their operations to boost production and efficiency across all industries.

According to a research, the majority of businesses in Qatar have already started the trip toward digitalization, but more than 70% of them will adopt it globally in the years to come. Organizational digital transformation is a driver of diverse economic growth that is in line with Qatar’s 2030 National Vision, which intends to transform the nation into an advanced society based on sustainable growth and focused toward ensuring a high quality of living for all of its residents. The Qatar National Vision 2030 also aims to address the nation’s major challenges, including managing growth and foreseeing economic development, among others.

The digital transformation Summit, now in its 16th Edition will help businesses identify
the best practices for engaging their users at all the endpoints so that they can
significantly embrace the digital transformation to operate and evolve efficiently and

Exito influencing the influential 17th Edition DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION SUMMIT