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  • Hazel Group
  • 604 Mission St. Suite 800 San Francisco, CA 94105, US

About Hazel Group

The Hazel Group is an entity that facilitates knowledge share platform, using global footprint to exchange their ideas, knowledge, focus towards futuristic research and development. This indeed helps to reduce the gap between academic, research and business requirement, which need to be addressed and update.

Hazel Group runs with a vision of transforming the global research culture with a unique arena for professionals, budding researchers and experts from different countries, by facilitating collaborations to bring note-worthy change in the scientific world for better people engagements. It helps to empower the decision making in the corporate sector and promoting on the quality decisions for policymakers through academic meetings.

Our ultimate goal is to expedite the best practices in a right industry trend promoting international exchange through researches and addressing the need of the emerging researchers to showcase their work to the world and contribute towards constructing a blistering future.

Hazel Group