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  • KIT Group GmbH
  • K.I.T. Group GmbH Association & Conference Management Kurfürstendamm 71 10709 Berlin, Germany

About KIT Group GmbH

Synergy & competence is our motto and we pride ourselves on building sustainable relationships and consistently delivering innovative, reliable and high-end solutions.

The term SYNERGY describes the different divisions of K.I.T. Group cooperating advantageously for a final outcome, the conference. Our teamwork produces a better overall result than if each person were working toward the same goal individually. A successful conference is achieved with a combination of knowledge and experience from both the client and the organiser. Synergy also refers to the benefit that our clients can expect from our know-how and extensive networks in the field of medical conferences.

Our COMPETENCE in the field of medical conferences is our competitive advantage. It is characterised by our professionalism, our know-how, expertise, and our an excellent relationship with our clients.

KIT Group GmbH