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  • Rapid Life Sciences Ltd
  • Carlton House Sandpiper Way Chester Business Park Chester, Cheshire CH4 9QE

About Rapid Life Sciences Ltd

Since the early days of our first magazines, with a small number of companies advertising an exciting new technology called rapid prototyping, we have been bringing the latest technology solutions to audiences eager to stay ahead of the curve.

Today we operate world class trade shows and publish magazines all over the world and the core function of our business has remained the same. We connect prospective buyers to companies who have the cutting-edge solutions they need.

To make business happen you need a catalyst, a spark of inspiration or simply a place to meet. This is where we come in.

Whether in print, digitally or face to face at live events we create the space for the connections to happen, we provide the catalyst that gets business moving.

And therefore, we are critical components of the industries we serve,

We are proud of our progress, but there is still much to do, we look forward to connecting with you.

Rapid Life Sciences Ltd