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  • The Conference Forum
  • 1430 Broadway (at 40th Street) Suite 1510 New York, NY 10018

About The Conference Forum

The Conference Forum is a life science industry research firm that brings key people together to share and exchange ideas and information on how to get therapeutics to patients faster. Now celebrating our 10th year, we continue to examine and challenge the complex ecosystem of drug development and delivery, bringing ideas together from a variety of sources to help advance clinical research with common, patient-centered goals. Each of our key research areas – Clinical Trial Innovation, Patients as Partners, R&D Leadership, Immuno-Oncology, Drug Delivery and Clinical Research as a Care Option – has a dedicated conference, quarterly newsletter and podcasts.

We present both public and private strategic-level conferences, as well as convening focus groups and advisory boards for professionals in the life sciences and healthcare community. We also provide specialized marketing services to support thought leadership, branding and lead generation.

The Conference Forum