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  • October 01 - 02, 2024
  • [email protected]
  • London,
  • https://evcongress.solarenergyevents.com/

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We want to express our gratitude to all the speakers, sponsors, and participants who made this year's EV World Congress such a remarkable occasion. It was truly impressive to witness the influx of new faces at our new venue this year, and their enthusiastic involvement in the discussions. We extend our thanks to each one of the contributions to this event, which has undoubtedly solidified the World Congress as the premier gathering where Energy and Transport converge to drive the EV transition forward. We were fortunate to have the privilege of hosting EV experts from around the globe, including speakers from Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, the USA, and beyond, who shared invaluable insights with the UK market. Despite the event taking place after the phase-out date was pushed to 2030, it was encouraging to observe that the industry remained resolute and undeterred. The prevailing theme this year was undoubtedly "collaboration," with both delegates and speakers stressing the increasing importance of cooperation between the public and private sectors and the establishment of new partnerships. One pivotal topic that dominated our discussions, growing in significance with each passing year, is the energy requirements for charging and the technologies aimed not only at meeting this demand but also at reducing charging costs for consumers and businesses. Experts from the UK and beyond delved into how Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and smart charging can lead to lower tariffs, along with outlining the necessary legislative changes to upgrade grids and ensure an adequate power supply to meet the escalating demand. The coming year in the EV industry will be as crucial as ever as we strive to meet our charging targets. We eagerly anticipate the return of the EV World Congress in 2024, where we will assess our progress. We look forward to seeing you there.

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