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  • AAE (Association africaine de l’eau)
  • Avenue 8 extended to the rise of Houphouët-Boigny Bridge - 05BP 1910 Abj. 05Abidjan - Treichville Ivory Coast +225 21 24 14 43 +225 21 24 26 29

About AAE (Association africaine de l’eau)

The American Federation of Aviculture (AFWA) is the premier organization promoting responsible bird breeding, ownership, and avian research. Our site provides all necessary information related to our educational programs, research initiatives, public events, and membership opportunities. Together, we contribute to the conservation and understanding of our feathered friends.

AAE (Association africaine de l’eau)


AFWA INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS 2024 - Sustainable Access to Water and Sanitation in Africa