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  • RX Global Events
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About RX Global Events

RX Global organizes over 400 international B2B events every year ranging from trade shows, conventions to conferences across 43 industry sectors. They are a dedicated team that connects businesses and people from around the globe, fostering networking, learning, and growth opportunities.

RX Global Events


LIFE INSTYLE MELBOURNE 2023 - The Premier Event for Design, Homeware, Gifts, and Children's Products
Decorex Joburg 2023 - Home Decor & Design Exhibition in Johannesburg
CLOUD COMPUTING EXPO OSAKA (CLOUD OSAKA) 2024 - International Exhibition for Cloud Computing Products and Services
COSME TECH - TOKYO 2024: Asia's Leading Cosmetics Exhibition
EMBEDDED SYSTEMS EXPO (ESEC OSAKA) 2024 - International Trade Show for Embedded Systems
IJT - INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY TOKYO 2024 | Jewelry Trade Exhibition in Tokyo
DATA CENTER & STORAGE EXPO - OSAKA 2024: International Trade Show for Data Computing and Storage Solutions
MOBILE SOLUTIONS EXPO (MOBIX OSAKA) 2024 - International Trade Expo for Mobile Solutions
IOT & 5G SOLUTIONS OSAKA 2024 - International Exhibition for IoT and M2M Related Products & Services
AUTOMOTIVE WEIGHT REDUCTION EXPO 2024 – Leading Event for Automotive Components and Technologies
INFORMATION SECURITY EXPO (IST OSAKA) 2024 - Protecting Information in the Digital Age